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Micom Americas Inc. Smart Swing 3®  LOW ENERGY SWING DOOR OPERATOR, a carefully engineered automatic swing door operator is non-handed and ideal for varied applications, providing multifunction use and service across a wide range of applications.

A fully automatic and low energy swing door operator in one. Designed to offer long term durability and continuous barrier free access for all.

Over coming wind conditions, stack pressure and providing service requirements on existing systems to keep up with accessibility needs has been our mission.


•Adjustable Opening Speed

•Adjustable Back Check Speed & Back Check Position

•Adjustable Closing Speed

•Adjustable Latching Speed & Latching Position

•Adjustable Hold-Open Time

•Reverse on Obstruction

•Optional Push & Go Built in with Separate Adjustable Hold-Open Time

•Fully Adjustable Electronic Door Stop plus Mechanical Stop

•Power to Activate Electric Lock Adjustable 12/24 Volts DC

•Electric Lock Delay to Prevent Door Binding

•Fully Adjustable Power Close

•Wind Control Built in Adjustable Back check


Smart Swing 3 is a universal non-handed, electro-mechanical swing door operator, which provides powered door opening upon activation.

Designed to facilitate barrier free access into and within buildings, through swing doors.

SMART SWING 3 features enable the continuous automation of pedestrian doors, whilst offering Low Energy barrier free access. Designed to achieve the highest degree of safety whilst offering a long service life.

During the opening cycle, the spiral spring is tensioned by the rotation of the output shaft. During the closing cycle, the accumulated spring force is released in the closing direction. The spring force can be adjusted so there is appropriate force to close the door when it is operated manually or in case of a power failure.


Micom Americas Inc. Smart Swing 3®  LOW ENERGY SWING DOOR OPERATOR, is perfect for;





•Educational Institutions

Micom Smart Swing Brochure.pdf

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